Download Tresorit 3.5 Latest Version

Download Tresorit 3.5 Latest

Download Tresorit 3.5 Latest Version

Download Tresorit 3.5 Latest Version – Tresorit is an end-to-end encrypted, secure cloud storage and sharing designed to Store, Sync and Share confidential data.Simply place any kind of file into the Tresorit folder and they will automatically sync with every computers connecting to the same account. Files are encrypted before being uploaded into the cloud. Decryption is only possible with permission from the owner. Encrypted contents can be shared without needing re-encryption.

Tresorit 3.5 can be accessed via a web browser, mobile applications, and client-side application.To date, Tresorit is supported on many operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.Tresorit allows you to share, organize and sync your files privately and securely.

The user interface is well-designed and clean and makes navigating the system and efficient and easy to perform task.Much in the same way as many other business file sharing applications, you are able to send links to the encrypted files for individual uses to be able to access. You can protect these files with a password, an expiration data and a download limit.

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Work with your team securely, wherever you are
Collaborate across offices or on the road. Zero-knowledge access from any browser, desktop, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone device.

Share files with partners and customers without losing control
Don’t repeat Sony’s and Target’s mistakes. Keep total control over files, even after you shared them. Access can be modified or revoked anytime.

Download Tresorit 3.5 Latest Version

Send confidential files easily, “unsend” them if you need to
More than 30% of employees have sent email to the wrong person. Email attachments can’t be “unsent,” putting your sensitive files at risk. With Tresorit 3.5, revoking access only takes a click.

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Rest easy knowing your team keeps business data safe
Employee error is the cause of data breaches, but you won’t have to worry about mistakes. Prevent access from mobile devices. Limit certain files to office desktops. Suspend any team member’s access with a click.

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Version :GOM Mix Pro

Size :228.43 MB

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