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Adobe DNG Converter Download

Adobe DNG Converter 

Adobe DNG Converter 11

Adobe DNG Converter– is a free energy that converts files from more than 600 cams to DNG, enables you to conveniently convert camera-specific raw data to a more global DNG raw file.

Digital Adverse was established to deal with the lack of an open requirement for the proprietary and also one-of-a-kind raw documents developed by each electronic cam. Adobe DNG Converter allows photographers to archive their raw camera documents in a solitary layout for simple cataloging and gain access to in the future. With the style specification freely available, any type of developer can build software program that supports and takes advantage of DNG. For more information, see the Digital Unfavorable page.

Adobe DNG Converter 11 is a free utility that enables photographers to transform the digitally unrefined image files from several known mid-range and also expert electronic cameras to a more universal format such as Digital Negative. Download as well as installation completed quickly, however the application’s dimension of nearly 500MB is excessively large for its kind. There were no customer directions, yet those accustomed to data transforming software program will not have trouble analyzing the user interface.

The Adobe DNG Converter 11 program started up for the very first time without any problems or individual interactions required. The major menu, itself, lacks any appealing graphics, however functions well. Customers can by hand choose a folder including the images for conversion, as well as the output place. The program has few alternatives, but the user can change preview pictures, along with the compression dimension. The good news is, the default settings will likely be adequate for the majority of users. The conversion, itself, occurred promptly throughout screening without concerns with the resulting data.

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Adobe DNG Converter 11

For those individuals who need a way to transform huge batches of photo documents into an universal layout, Adobe DNG Converter 11 for Mac, Windows may not look like much, however it carries out well.

Requirements :Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Mac

Latest Version :Adobe DNG Converter 11.3

Name : Adobe DNG Converter

Size : 418.35 MB

Download Adobe DNG Converter Latest Version – Windows